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“may the wave be with you” from Jaybo.

Jaybo at Soto Berlin from Agents Of Change

Jaybo & Remi/Rough – Santander 2010 from Agents Of Change

mucho aloha.

Alaia’s are hard to ride

A couple years ago, Nick Chalmers and Johnny Abegg, who have an affinity with “Where’s Wally” decided to try out an Alaia, shaped by good mate Dain Thomas.

Taking turn filming each other, they both sucked at riding the thin pieces of wood, so decided from then on…

Never to ride them again.

image pile up

all images from various sources.

Graham Gillmore

a selection of work from Graham Gillmore

hull days

“Kyle Kennelly shredding a Liddle Hull in some crappy windy mess” from Jeremy Asher Lynch

Incidentely, I ride a 7’4″ Liddle KP in all kinds of conditions and breaks. sure they’re made for clean-line points, but that doesn’t mean you wont have fun on even the most blown-out, non-point mess. i love my Liddle.

Salt + Wax

Mark Leary‘s epic four-years-in-the-making surfing photo essay book Salt + Wax is finally finished. Rather than subject his baby to the fickle publishing industry (and their laws of diminishing returns), Leary has decided to crowdsource the funds to publish the book independently. He’s looking for a few brave souls to pledge to buy his book in advance. We think it’s a great idea. more info here.

image pile up

all images from various sources

Ryan Lovelace on Korduroy TV

Ryan Lovelace – InnerViews from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

so good i had to post it here. know your hullzzzz. flip on over to Korduroy for more info.

i’ve admired Ryan Lovelace‘s hull work via internet for what seems like years now. self-admittedly, I had never seen one of his boards up-close and personal until a few weeks ago on a quick pass through Thalia. What looks good in photos and a cobbled together view through the distorting prism of the internet, is substantially more impressive in person. The thing that really shocked me was how subtly different Lovelace’s take on the hull is. From volume and dimensions to curves and lines, his take on hulls is really his own and it shows. plus those matte tints? bananas.

John Stezaker

a selection of works from John Stezaker

Dany Obradovic

Session 1: Espargos from Dany Obradovic on Vimeo.

Session Baia-Calhau from Dany Obradovic on Vimeo.

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