Craig Anderson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler come to Mexico and camp on QP/Mexico’s home break for a week. A pretty sizable but unruly and off-directioned swell comes through. They cut the scene from their new film Dear Surburbia, and posted it on what’s youth a while back.

Was nice to see the boys hucking airs on my home turf. They say the swell never really picked up, but at least one day it was overhead and heaving. I know cuz I spent most of the day going over the handle bars, serves me right for bringing the hull (too much chop). I think the last day they were there, Al Knost and Tyler Warren showed up too, separately. that line-up was fun. everyone knew who the what youth guys were, Al and Tyler got away unscathed from the thruster masses.

anyway, i guess the waves were crappy enough to be cut from the film.

bienvenidos a mexico, cabrones. next time you guys come through, dial a brother.