¡Attention! Surf Sistah needs our help

Mary Surf Sistah needs our help. Josh Aggars (Surf Meisters) sums up the situation succinctly and with panache:

Mary has broken her leg badly. She is in pain and in need of your help. Because she lives in the most advanced and wealthiest country on Earth she is not able to access free medical health care.

Let’s raise some money so that, at the least, we, her friends, can collectively relieve some of the stress and despair that is no doubt going through her mind as she contemplates the very real and tough decisions that come with trying to pay ridiculous costs in a land that cries freedom and then shackles the 99% with prohibitive health care costs. Let’s help her to not have to face every waking moment deciding between bad options. Let’s give her cause to at least raise a smile today at the idea that her fellow surfers, and others beyond, care enough about her well being that they are willing to put their money where their mouths are and donate a little bit of cash to help her in her time of trouble. For she is, in short, a dudette, a mother, great roll model and someone we all call friend.

Help raise a surprised smile today. Here’s the link to the donation drive.

(via Josh Hall, good look!)