Encyclopedia of Surfing Online

Matt Warshaw is trying to convert his massive tome Encyclopedia of Surfing into a website and online resource. sounds easy, except for the thousands of hours of laborious work. This takes time and more importantly, it takes money. Not an obscene amount, but enough to keep Warshaw from going destitute, so he’s raising funds via his Kickstarter project. Think about possibly donating a few bucks, maybe today’s cost of your mocha-frappucino-half-cap-no-whip lattemachino. here’s some backstory:

GOING DIGITAL: The Encyclopedia of Surfing online is like the book, except reborn for the digital age. A zillion photos, video clips, and links. Fully searchable. Updated constantly. All the archive material, plus a rundown on what’s happening in surfing right now. The site is already designed, and it’s off-the-chart awesome. Clean as a whistle. Fast and functional. No exclamation points. No ads. All of the text from the book is now updated and loaded into the site. New entries are being written. Photos and video clips are right now being scanned, edited, logged, and tagged. (Prime stuff, too. Contributors include Art Brewer, Taylor Steele, Bruce Brown, Ron Stoner, Jeff Divine, Alby Falzon, Flame, Chris Malloy, Ron Church, Doc Ball, Don James, Steve Sherman, Tom Servais, Warren Bolster, Dana Brown, Thomas Campbell, and the list goes on.)

hells yeah