Time For Print

a selection of work from Emiliano Granado’s Time For Print, a collection of portraits from a 3-year study of the Photography social networking site “Model Mayhem.”

It was Andy Warhol who predicted a future of fame for all, albeit for 15 minutes, and now with the growth of sites such as Model Mayhem, a social network which connects up and coming photographers with self proclaimed models, the prophecy is fast upon us. Dissipating the hierarchies and selective processes of model agencies, Model Mayhem asks for only 4 photographs from applicants to begin an online profile and currently has over half a million “models” available for shoots. Once connected, the understanding between the photographer and model is often that no money change hands, instead the models give their “time for print,” whereby the photographer provides the model with an agreed number of prints from the session in return for the model’s time, with the purpose of building both parties’ portfolio. – ArtCat

There’s an art opening for the show, tomorrow Saturday March 12th in Williamsburg, BK.:

Eyelevel BQE, 364 Leonard Street, at Withers
917-660-4650, Williamsburg / Greenpoint / Bushwick
Opening: Saturday, March 12, 6 – 8 PM