Ryan Lovelace on Korduroy TV

Ryan Lovelace – InnerViews from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

so good i had to post it here. know your hullzzzz. flip on over to Korduroy for more info.

i’ve admired Ryan Lovelace‘s hull work via internet for what seems like years now. self-admittedly, I had never seen one of his boards up-close and personal until a few weeks ago on a quick pass through Thalia. What looks good in photos and a cobbled together view through the distorting prism of the internet, is substantially more impressive in person. The thing that really shocked me was how subtly different Lovelace’s take on the hull is. From volume and dimensions to curves and lines, his take on hulls is really his own and it shows. plus those matte tints? bananas.