Surfrider: 150 Victories

a big congrats to Surfrider Foundation.

In 2005, Jim Moriarty took a page from how for-profit companies measure success: “Success equals a number – be it the number of products sold, the amount of revenue generated, etc.” Moriarity took that concept and applied it to Surfrider Foundation’s mission and came up with goal: 150 coastal victories from 2005-2010. The definition of a victory was defined as, “a decision made in favor of the coastal and ocean environment that results in a positive conservation outcome, improves coastal access, or both.”

On December 1st, Surfrider Foundation secured its 150th victory. A momentous occasion. Congratulations to Jim, the people at Surfrider and all the folks that have supported the foundation over the years through donations of time, money, sweat, blood and tears.