Rockaway in the winter

QPeeps homie Justin Jay drops an eye-opening look at surfing NYC in the winter and a love affair with Hawaii. Special appearances from Irish Paul getting nicentight in the barrel:

I live in Manhattan, but I have a bungalow in Rockaway. I also have a cadre of full-time Rockaway residents on tap for hot showers and warm meals. But unless you have a car or a place in Rockaway, surfing during the winter is a hell of an ordeal. Try lugging a board on the subway and then changing into your hooded 5/4 on the platform. It happens. I’ve surfed in the snow. It’s one thing when it’s firing and you simply can’t justify NOT paddling out. But when waist-high and bumpy has to compete against cable television and eating clam chowder with a lady friend, there’s usually an undisputed victor. It takes commitment.

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Justin Jay is a New York City-based photographer and surfer.