Vietnam Expedition – Apolis

Vietnam Expedition

Apolis spent a month traveling Vietnam on old Russian Minsk motorbikes. In this short film they show the factory and workers where one of Apolis’ lines is produced. We see a lot of videos of manufacturing inside the United States. And I love those intentions. But for someone who doesn’t live within the bounds of US Territory, I also appreciate the more global approach Apolis is taking. We are all connected. Where as most manufacturers gloss over their products being made outside of the US, Apolis has decided to document their working relationship with the factories and people who they collaborate with, all over the world. This is a gutsy move, one that shows a genuine interest in the once distant cultures who we’re continually/rapidly becoming more and more interdependent with.

It’s also, just a visual treat to see Vietnam again. such an amazing place/culture/experience. I have a goal to travel Vietnam by motorbike before I kick the bucket. This mini-doc does it for me, I can smell the Phö in the morning.