Murdoch Jennings is the guy behind beyondtheborder (all lower caps, no spaces – please). Jenning’s blog often combines two of our favorite subjects: surfing and existentialism. we don’t usually blockquote entire blog posts, but this recent post from Jennings made our Friday morning:

Thoughts for thoughts

In Modernism, reality used to validate media. In Postmodernism, the media validate reality. If you don’t believe this, just think how many times you’ve described your life on facebook for everyone to see? Media now validates individuals’ reality. This explains the copious amounts of photos being posted on facebook, the media has individuals by the tether, and thus, individuals feel the need to prove that they exist. Words have lost meaning in validating ones personal reality through facebook, and the posting of photos is almost in the same boat. Individuals are already dressing as if they were living in the distant past, building architecture that resembles the past and using ancient statues and artefacts for decoration and the using and buying of old and out dated technologies like film cameras – and all to stand out and define an ‘era’ we are all in. However, the problem is that it is all the same. Nothing stands out. Look at surfing, there is no distinction between riding a hipster bonzer 8’4” with short ‘hot-pant’ board shorts with an over sized neck-less t-shirt and someone on a state of the art Al Merrick 6’1” rounded pin. This is where things get illogical and irrational. In attempting to break free and create distinctions means to reproduce, resulting in needles consumption and copious amounts of waste. For this the ridiculous word ‘innovation’ has been invented. Is putting a film camera image on the computer and internet still a ‘film’ image? The reality of that image is rendered meaningless as it can be reproduced, edited and reprinted. The distinction between the ‘real’ image and the new image lacks any distinction. If the media world, like facebook, continues its course, society will be made up of people who cannot validate their own reality via any existential means but only via the ‘hyper-real’. Me, or anyone else cannot escape this discourse, however, being aware of the ‘postmodern’ times we have created is a key to easing the grip of this illogical and irrational conundrum of simulacrum. – MJ