Hugh Holland’s Locals Only

Hugh Holland‘s Locals Only series will be at M+B gallery in Los Angeles from Oct. 23rd to Dec. 5th. The opening reception for the artist is on Saturday, October 23 from 6 to 8pm and will include a book signing for the book version of Locals Only published Ammo Books:

In the mid-Seventies, two events coincided in Southern California that gave rise to skateboarding as we now know it. The invention of the urethane wheel and the drought that emptied the pools across the city allowed the kids to ride their new boards in an entirely new way… Unlike most photographers capturing the craze, Holland’s photographs were never about the sport. Holland shot with old color negative movie film, rendering his images in warm, soft tones that were in complete contrast to the sharp, crisp chromes that the majority of skate photographers were using at the time.