to the crazy ones

This is just a small list of some of the many surfyish blogs we’ve been following recently (in no particular order). so many viewpoints on surfing and surfy lifestyles, so many different geo-locations, so much good, bad, awesome, punk, indifferent writing and wicked photography, videos, artwork, shapes, tints, experiments, etc…

thank you all, please don’t stop

surfbox, eye sea everything, the endless bummer, Harmless Neighborhood Eccentric, coágulo, the goons are dead, the magic bus, ryan field, kameron brown, jason baffa, dis•place•men•tia, salty eyes, on the loose, thomas stockwell, first point malibu, lo tech hi joy, simple machine, the boda surfamily , admwlkr, el nieto de greg noll, look and sea, surfbird, surf a pig, wave slide, the black and white life, jaidivision, swallowtail society, born to lose, almond surfboards, .tv/dion, hye tyde, runamuk, lost stolen or ripped, a hull new world, breaks selection, salt stained eyes, wildering, critical slide, surfy surfy, surf knot, oceans, waves and beaches, the oh sea, hydrodynamica, daily bread, inkawaves, warbles, bogus worm’s town, surfbird and many many more.