Diego Gravinese

a selection of paintings from Argentine artist Diego Gravinese. This from NY Arts Magazine:

What makes Gravinese’s work especially enticing though, once it is viewed beyond the technical skill, is the subject matter. In one painting three young women sit casually on a sofa; two in their underwear and the third nude. None is paying any particular attention to the next. To the right, another portrait broken from the first frame by thick white border, is another young woman, nude, holding a digital camera. By the way she looks at the back of the camera, we guess that she is reviewing the shot just snapped; perhaps a photo of herself taken in the mirror. This sort of casual exploration of burgeoning sexuality is subtly present throughout the paintings of the exhibition.

Clothing and (un)dressing is repeated iconography found in the photos depicted, and there is a sense of learning and coming of age associated with this depiction. In other moments, where we see one young woman assist another in the application of eye make-up, or in El Elastico a young girl helps another with the back hook of her bra, a sense of collective rites of passage come across.