Tierney Gearon’s Explosure

selections for Tierney Gearon’s Explosure exhibition. A series of controlled double exposure photographs. This from The Fader:

This body of work I have been working on for the past 2 years. I started double exposing the images originally so I wouldn’t have to strip down in front of some stranger. At the time I was working on these nude portraits of myself. But then double exposing the images led to something else!!! Something way more fascinating! Not only did I not have to be in the image I didn’t have to get naked …. The images were paintings I was doing inside the camera. And by double exposing them inside the camera this allowed the magic of an accident to happen!!! There is no retouching or after work . Everything is done in the camera! Also all my work is related to what is going on in my life! I blur life with art. I love chaos!