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Art Shows Saturday in San Francisco

Hey SF peeps: two art shows this Saturday in your hood. Both worthy of your time and support. Make it a night and hit up both whydontcha. . . Art Show 1: Jay & Jamie Watson / 6-8pm . . . Art Show 2: Steiny & Dave Gardner / 7-10pm The Garage Sale Project Between 730 & 740 San Jose Ave San Francisco, CA 94110 Saturday September 8th 7-10pm

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Mercedes Helnwein – Temptation to be good

Mercedes Helnwein – Temptation to be good from Two Dollars Please Mercedes Helnwein, was born in Vienna Austria, first daughter to renowned painter, and art provocateur Gottfried Helnwein. At an early age she proved true the old adage of apples and trees. Art was in her blood as well as on her mind. Working first as a writer of fiction in the realm of short stories, she began publishing works in various magazines and literary journals. After moving to Los Angles in 2000, and completing her first novel, Helnwein took a break from writing to reexamine her talents as a fine artist. It is here that she truly began to see the power of the pen. Borrowing from a list...

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