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Daughter The Movie Official Trailer

Experimental Black & White Film on Super 8 and 16mm Featuring – Rob Kulisek – Derek Hynd – Scotty Stopnik – Mikey DeTemple – Kassia Meador – Marshal Bros- Erin Ashley – Billy Death – JJ Wessels – Kyle Lightner – Corey – John Anguilo – Kenzo Film in New York – California – Mexico Trailer Music by Raw Thrills – Break On Through Coming Up Summer 2013

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Sunken City

Written and Directed by QPeeps buddy R.McLaughlin. “After budget cuts and personal demons forced him off the streets of San Pedro, Detective Nick Terry’s beat became the classroom, where he patrols the minds of the people in his beloved hometown. A less intense schedule allows Nick to enjoy all the things he loves: watching the surf with his piñata-shredding dog Peakins, getting stoned, mustering up the courage to ask out a beautiful local, getting stoned and hanging out at the Chowder barge with Spice, his Jamaican friend. And getting stoned. But when a mysterious woman washes up on the shore at Sunken City, Nick is called back to the beat where his calm, cool life becomes even more dazed and...

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