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Malwitz Surfboards needs your vote

Rick Malwitz is close to winning a 250k small business grant to build out his surfboard shaping company. You might remember Rick from the shared shaping-bay project he did in Brooklyn a few years ago. He does cool stuff. Give him your vote. voting is a bit tricky: 1. Go to 2. Click “Log in & Support” (using your Facebook login) 3. Search “Malwitz” 4. Vote! do the right thing, mookie

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R.Lovelace down to the wire

Hey Folks, Ryan Lovelace’s kickstarter project is coming down to the wire, if you had a vague notion of pitching in, nowsies would be radistical. Lovelace is trying to build a line of eco-friendly surfboards to highlight sustainability in the surfboard manufacturing industry. good cause. watch the vid, drop some change, pleeeaze.

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