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Fall Winter 2015

  FALL WINTER 2015 For this season’s catalog, we visited with Mike D. at his home in Brooklyn NY. Mike was photographed by our good friend Alessandro Simonetti. “I have this theory that musicians can really relate to or get in to surfing because it’s that same immersion thing that we’re looking for when we play music. You’re kind of like chasing this thing where you’re in that present moment. You’re not thinking about anything else. You’re totally consumed by what’s going on in the music and I think that surfing is one of the few other things, at least that I’ve found, it’s got a cool unique place where it demands that focus from you, that oneness.” - Mike...

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Spring Summer 2015

  SPRING SUMMER 2015 Spring Summer ’15 is a distillation of themes that we hold to be true and self-evident. We’ve broken them down to their purest forms: words, type, shapes, and photos. Season after season, we’ve added complexity to our messages both conceptually and visually. This season we go for simple, pulling it back, bringing it back to the essence. Words on cotton. Thoughts. Universal ideas. Straight to the ocular receptor. For this season’s catalog, we visited with Andrea Rosso in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Rosso is an avid collector of books, art, vintage objects and has amassed a cadre of artist friends who keep his world view constantly growing. When he’s not traveling the world in search of...

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