Fall Winter 2013


The Children of Paradise. Native peoples, in tune with the movements of the land and the sea: the sun moving toward the horizon, the stars passing by, harvest ceremonies and rights of passage, the sway of the jungle canopy overhead, the smell of coconut husks in the fire, a hermit crab making its way across pebbles, first light on a calm ocean, a morning stretch, our innocence in wisps of warm wind off the shore…

This season, we pay homage to the internal pull we all have to create and nurture a space in our lives that reflects a simpler time, a place to be free, outside the noise of modern life. An enveloping sense of beauty and awe that sustains us, our families, our friends, our peoples. We are all the Children of Paradise.

<h4">FALL WINTER 2013

Fall Winter 2013 reflects our love of the natural world.

Expanding on how we use unisex tees and boardshorts as a canvas, this season features allover graphics as printed textures. Stay warm with one of our hoodies: a reversible, supersoft terry sweatshirt with prints, or a non-traditional stalwart zip-up without the zipper.

download the FW13 Look Book PDF