Fall Winter 2014

By Land or By Sea

We’re up for adventure and it doesn’t matter how we get there, it just matters that we go. The journey is the destination. All roads lead to creative renewal. Let’s push the throttle, the gas pedal, the boundaries. Let’s meet new faces and taste new flavors. Let’s get feral. Let’s get lost.

This season, we get a little crazy with designs and all-over prints that reflect the sea and the land. We continue our story with tees, sweatshirts and boardshorts. We push things forward with a small line of colored denim, in a subtle cloud wash, accented with hidden prints.

By Sea

The ocean is our first love. It replenishes us. Challenges us. Calms us. It’s where we go to disconnect and reconnect. Both solitude and community can be found here. This season, we’ve dug deep and brought the many changing faces of the sea into our designs. This is how the ocean speaks to us.

By Land

Tacos and Tourists. Over-development. Pineapples and Coconuts. It’s not all rosey in paradise, but it’s home. A wonderful, beautiful, cacophonous mess. This season we bring it all back home, with a collection that reflects our lives on dry land. The adventure continues as we draw inspiration from the street cultures of Mexico and Hawaii. Local flavor.