Spring Summer 2015



Spring Summer ’15 is a distillation of themes that we hold to be true and self-evident. We’ve broken them down to their purest forms: words, type, shapes, and photos. Season after season, we’ve added complexity to our messages both conceptually and visually. This season we go for simple, pulling it back, bringing it back to the essence. Words on cotton. Thoughts. Universal ideas. Straight to the ocular receptor.

For this season’s catalog, we visited with Andrea Rosso in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Rosso is an avid collector of books, art, vintage objects and has amassed a cadre of artist friends who keep his world view constantly growing. When he’s not traveling the world in search of inspiration, he is the creative director for the licensing division of Diesel.



QP: What type of connection do you have with surfing? How does it inspire you?

AR: I definitely think that, well, if you surf in Italy or you’re surfing in California or you’re surfing in any other part of the world, there is definitely this connection with nature. And the fact that you have this force of nature interacting with you, or you interact with them, makes it very special. The peace that you gather after is incredible. I really think that everybody shares the same sort of individuality or connection with nature. I think also that surfing is very powerful idea or powerful time that you can be in contact with nature. Because the fact that you interact with some movement of the water and the fact that you learn the movement, the fact that you learn the shape, you learn the swell, you learn how to move, you learn the timing, it really makes you in contact even more with nature. I think there is a spiritual idea or feeling that you have after. This for us, or for me at least, is what surfing is. Of course big waves are amazing and if I could I catch big waves I would love to, but just the idea of some water hands taking you and grabbing you and moving you, and standing up on it, for me, I am in love with it. I think this is something incredible. I feel that this is gives you a lot. I like surfing a lot actually, more than skateboarding and snowboarding. Because snowboarding is mechanical, and skating is mechanical, and surfing is really in contact with nature. And the fluidity that surfing has, nobody can give you.